11 Businesses That Benefit From Scheduling Software

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Operating a business that runs on bookings can be time-consuming and prone to error when you do it all manually. With scheduling software, it takes much less effort to engage clients, manage your calendar, limit disruptions, and ultimately grow your revenue. The best part? There’s no shortage of businesses that can use it.

From boutique salons to boat charters, here are 11 types of businesses that can benefit from using scheduling software.

Beauty and aesthetics

Hair stylists, nail technicians, tattoo artists… whoever you are, we bet managing appointments often feels like a full-time job. Enough of that. With scheduling software, you’ll spend less time juggling appointment requests and more time on your transformations.

With an on-brand scheduling page connected to your website or linked in your bio, you can beautifully showcase your services and make it easy for clients to book, reschedule, or cancel on their own. Plus, strengthen your relationships by offering more ways to pay (and tip!) and exciting features like gift cards, packages, and subscriptions.

Better booking, at a glance: A nail salon uses scheduling software so clients can schedule appointments, choose their preferred nail technician, pay, and tip—all online. Their clients appreciate the manicure and pedicure packages that give them more value for less, and they always show up thanks to automated appointment reminders. Many even purchase gift cards for friends and family, increasing the salon’s appointment volume.

Business services

In the fast-paced world of business services, time is money. Scheduling software helps professionals in financial planning, legal consulting, marketing, event planning, and more keep schedules in check. With it, administrative processes are streamlined, calendars are easier to organize during busy periods (looking at you, tax season), payment is secure, and clients have an overall better experience.

Better booking, at a glance: Taxes are complicated enough. That’s why a local tax advisor simplifies the tax preparation process with scheduling automation. Clients can view his availability and book virtual consultations to get the support they need. Automated emails remind clients when to show up, while follow-ups sent post-session encourage reviews. He has the flexibility to accept deposits and credit card details upfront or submit invoices, and he is always protected while doing so.

Education and coaching

Teachers, tutors, and life coaches thrive on organized schedules. Whether it’s a piano lesson, spiritual coaching session, or math tutoring, scheduling software ensures that students can book easily, keeping your calendar full so you can help everyone reach their full potential.

Better booking, at a glance: A music educator uses scheduling software to manage online and in-person voice lessons. She’s able to increase her visibility online with a scheduling page matched to her aesthetic, which attracts new students. There, students can choose from subscriptions and packages for their courses, plus share important details about their experience and goals through an intake form. Automated texts and emails help the students stay on track and prepare for the next lessons, without any additional work for the educator.


From massages to meditations, wellness practitioners need a streamlined booking process to help them relax, too. Scheduling software enables clients to book their favorite treatments, manage appointments, and pay online, providing a smooth scheduling process at every step that never adds stress.

Better booking, at a glance: A spa uses scheduling software to better support clients on their wellness journeys. First, they set their availability, including adding padding so there’s enough time to transition between appointments. Clients can view all open time slots for their desired service and choose their preferred therapist from the scheduling page. With intake forms and client notes, the team gets instant access to important information about each client to personalize the experience.

Fitness and sports

Gym owners, instructors, and trainers know the importance of consistency. With scheduling software, clients can book in-person or virtual classes, personal training sessions, or sports training appointments effortlessly. This ensures a steady flow of clients and maximizes the use of your space.

Better booking, at a glance: A personal trainer offers one-on-one training sessions at her studio, and also offers virtual training sessions to clients who prefer to work out from the comfort of their own home. Scheduling automation helps her more easily balance this combination of services. With intake forms, she gains insight into the client’s health and fitness goals before they meet to create a training program tailored to their needs. To increase revenue, she also offers recurring subscriptions and packages of training sessions and charges no-show fees so more clients show up for themselves.

Maintenance and repair

Service providers such as housekeepers and organizers, home inspectors, general contractors, and mechanics, often handle a multitude of appointments and tasks. If this is your case, scheduling software can help you better manage bookings for different projects, dispatch workers, and track job progress. This leads to improved efficiency and higher client satisfaction.

Better booking, at a glance: An auto shop uses scheduling software to let customers book oil changes, tire rotations, and car detailing online, reducing in-person wait times and ensuring that each technician’s schedule is optimized. With a robust payment system, they’re able to submit invoices and allow clients to pay how they prefer. Automated follow-ups gather feedback, which they use to improve service so more clients leave positive reviews.

Pet care

Pet care professionals have their hands full. Scheduling software simplifies appointment bookings for vet visits, grooming sessions, walks, daycare, and training classes. It also helps manage client information and send reminders for upcoming appointments or follow-ups, so all the cats and dogs you work with can look and feel their best.

Better booking, at a glance: A doggie daycare offers clients a suite of services, including daycare, overnight care, grooming, and training. With scheduling software, they provide a hassle-free booking experience that keeps the focus on their expertise. They capture important pet information through intake forms, including height and hair length, to cater to each dog’s unique needs. Clients can customize their grooming sessions with add-ons like teeth brushing, and can easily accept the daycare’s terms and cancellation policies during booking.


Health practitioners need precision in scheduling to ensure that every patient receives the care they need. Scheduling software empowers medical and dental offices, as well as counselors and therapists, optometrists, nutritionists, and pharmacies to simplify scheduling for patients, keep track of client history over time, coordinate across locations, and maintain HIPAA compliance.

Better booking, at a glance: A dental office uses scheduling software to let patients book cleanings, check-ups, and procedures online, with automatic reminders to ensure they don’t miss their appointments. Because when they’re booked 6 months in advance, who can blame them for losing track of time? The office has a strict cancellation policy that clients agree to during booking, and they can easily charge those who break it thanks to stored credit card details.


Photographers and videographers often have to balance multiple types of shoots, locations, editing sessions, and client or production meetings. Scheduling software can help manage these appointments, connecting to your website so clients can view portfolios, book shoots, share details about their vision and goals, and pay online.

Better booking, at a glance: A wedding photographer uses online booking for engagement shoots, bridal portraits, and wedding day coverage, making it easy for couples to schedule sessions while they’re busy planning for the big day. She enables client intake forms to better understand the client’s preferences before each session and deliver the best possible results. As a business owner, she also understands the importance of timely payments. Scheduling software allows for easy invoice management so she gets paid on time while she captures these special moments.

Leisure and activities

Now for the really fun stuff—businesses hosting activities and excursions can benefit from scheduling software, too. Whether it’s a horseback ride or a sunset sail, clients can check availability, book online, and make payments, all while reducing your administrative burdens, so everyone has a good time.

Better booking, at a glance: A winery offers online booking for tastings and tours, providing clients with a convenient and visually-appealing way to schedule their visits. With a custom calendar that updates in real time, the winery is able to manage group sizes and allocate staffing resources more efficiently. By collecting client information during the booking process, they’re able to speed up the check-in process and reduce wait times—meaning they can accommodate more tours and devote more time to sampling the delicious vino.


Surprised to see retail on this list? While we don’t always associate shopping sprees with scheduling, there are some appointment-worthy occasions that require prep. For example, personal shopping, jewelry consultations, and fittings. Retail brands can use scheduling software to expertly tailor these booking experiences for those high-intent shoppers looking to spend.

Better booking, at a glance: A men’s clothing store uses scheduling software to manage appointments for suit and tux fittings. Clients can book an appointment with a style guide through the online scheduling page, where they fill out initial details about their style preferences and sizing. When they visit the showroom, the style guide has all the necessary information to provide a customized experience, and the client walks away in a perfectly fitted suit.

And that’s not all…

These are just a few examples of how scheduling software can transform appointment management across various industries (if we tried to list them all, you might stop reading).

No matter your business type, if you have a scheduling need, then scheduling software is for you. The right scheduling solution will help you streamline operations, boost client satisfaction, and free up your time to focus on what you do best.

At Acuity Scheduling, we’re focused on doing what we do best, too: providing you with the scheduling tools you need to succeed.

The scheduling software you need to schedule whatever you need

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