6 Reasons to Switch to Acuity Scheduling


You put a lot into your business. And when it comes to scheduling software, you need it to do the same. But switching software—or making the big move from pen and paper—comes with many things to consider.

Here are six reasons why you should choose Acuity Scheduling.

1. You believe no-shows are a no-go

Appointments are the core of your business. So when a client doesn’t show up as planned, things can get off track real fast. After all, the work doesn’t start at the appointment. Think of all the mental and physical prep gone to waste when a no-show happens.

The good news: Acuity Scheduling helps you protect your time with automated reminder emails and texts. You can even customize each one for any appointment type. Appointment reminders not only protect your business—they also give your clients an opportunity to cancel or reschedule ahead of time. 

Additionally, Acuity lets you secure deposits and collect credit card information for high-demand appointments to safeguard your revenue stream and time. If you’re worried that requiring a full or partial deposit upfront will make potential clients hesitate, opt for adding a disclaimer that they’ll only be charged for a no-show or late cancellation instead. 

This not only confirms your commitment to be present with your client, but also mitigates potential losses due to last-minute cancellations.

2. Providing a personalized experience is important

 Managing calendars and appointments can take a lot out of you. When your employees are slowed down by admin work, they can’t fully dedicate themselves to making the best experience possible. Worst case scenario? Your employees don’t have the info they need to truly meet clients’ needs.

Keep your team organized with Acuity’s easy-to-use custom intake forms, helping cater to your clients needs in every appointment. You can also add client notes to keep track of preferences and keep everyone on the same page. With more focus on the service, your team—and your clients—will feel better than ever.

3. You want integrated payments

Payments keep the lights on, but managing them shouldn’t be a pain. You deserve to get paid seamlessly without any headaches. One way to stay on top of everything? Keep all your payments and invoices in one place with Acuity. 

By integrating with a payment processor like Square, Stripe, or Paypal, your clients can securely pay online from any device. Deposits, tips, credit card vaulting, you name it—everything is just a few clicks away.

Additionally, this makes it easier to generate recurring revenue by adding subscriptions to your scheduler or irresistible service packages. In today's competitive market, enticing service bundles or subscription packages work wonders in boosting bookings and building client loyalty. Imagine a beauty salon offering a "Glow-up Package" encompassing facial treatments, hair styling, and skincare consultations. 

4. You want to set the schedule straight

Healthy boundaries are important, especially when it comes to work hours. But nobody has time for endless back-and-forth. That’s why it’s crucial to have an easy way to customize how your schedule looks to clients—something not all schedule platforms (or pen and paper) can offer.

Acuity Scheduling helps you streamline your time and earn on your terms. With advanced appointment limits and controls, you can set your hours for different appointment types. Your clients can then see your availability in a clear calendar view—for every time zone and location. Playing by your book has never been easier.

5. You want a seamless booking experience

Your website (and online presence) is everything. Why not let clients book directly on it? By adding a booking feature to your website, clients can book the moment they discover you—making it more likely to happen.

Adding Acuity Scheduling to your website is easy. No code needed. Choose from an embedded scheduler, a booking button, or a booking bar. Any option will lead clients to your scheduler—right from the source. That way, you can stay connected from the start.

Have a Squarespace website? Good news, Acuity is a Squarespace company, making it easy to integrate your website and scheduling page for a polished, consistent client experience.

6. You want more time for what matters

You’re here because you love to connect with people. Being bogged down in admin work will only stand in your way. Juggling bookings, phone calls, and employee training by yourself is a time-sinking nightmare.

Acuity Scheduling’s automation and organization tools will give you time back to do what you love—stress-free. Don’t worry about the numbers. Just focus on your business, and Acuity Scheduling will handle the rest.

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